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If Your Eyes are the Window to Your Soul…. Your Eyebrows must be the Beautiful Frame!!

Beautiful Brows can accentuate your eyes and also polish your look. Celebrities are seeking full eyebrows that are beautiful and exotic-looking. In the 90’s however, thin, high arched eyebrows were very popular which led to over-tweezing and problematic eyebrows for today! Those who are now not blessed with a lot of eyebrow thickness can create […]

Know the Art of Facial Threading, and Define your Eyebrows!

 Threading is a traditional eastern hair removal technique that has become increasingly popular to create the perfect arch for your brows; it involves using intricately twisted, specially strengthened cotton to lift hairs up from the root and quickly remove them. It’s very kind to your skin and gives beautifully clean results. The right eyebrow shape […]

No Waxing after 40!

  Facial waxing has been around for ages. In fact, early Egyptians were the forerunners in hair removal and used beeswax and sugar based waxes to remove every hair on their body, even on their head! Although removing every hair is the goal of many modern women today, there are several methods to remove unwanted […]