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Extreme Skincare

While there are plenty of crazy beauty trends around the world, we found one that was particularly intense. The “flame facial”, shown here has been found in China. The process includes a towel being placed on top of the skin that has been soaked in an elixir (the only ingredient we know is alcohol).  The […]

Stay In and Beautify with an At-Home Spa Treatment

I make it a point to have some “me” time at least once a month where I draw a bubble bath, sip on wine and relax with a rejuvenating facial mask while reading the latest dermatological article. You may ask “who has time for that?” but you should at least take some time during the […]

Oxygen Facials – a Beauty Blogger’s Best Friend!

One of the many questions I get as a Beauty Blogger is, “What kind of facial do you recommend for your readers?” After much thought and consideration, I have decided that an OXYGEN THERAPY FACIAL is the way to go! I was not blessed with flawless skin and have spent probably thousands of dollars in […]