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Go Green and Get Healthy!

As most of us know, it is a good idea to have colorful foods on your plate to gain a healthy meal. One of the most important colors to incorporate is green. So we have picked five of  “the best Greens” to add in for a healthy life style! AVOCADOES are filled with good fatty […]

The Greater Bean

In Chinese culture, the soybean is called both “the greater bean” and “meat without bones”. You may know that soybeans are high in protein, but did you now that they are also high in fiber and phytoestrogens?! Why are phytoestrogens important? –  In menopause, our estrogen levels will drop and when they do, we lose […]

Healthy Heart Food

As many of us know the best key to living a long life has to do with the health of our heart!  Heart disease causes the most deaths in the United States and it is something that all of us should keep in mind. Adding just a few heart healthy foods to our daily meal […]