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Queen Quinoa

Pronounced KEEN-wah this grain has a past, present, and future. The Incas were one of the first to truly understand why quinoa is queen of the grains calling it the, “mother of all grains”, while today with its rise in popularity, it has returned with the yearning for good nutrition.  For the future, NASA has […]

Cut these Three Things Out of Your Diet and Keep Yourself Healthy and Looking Young

In our ongoing Super Food series we have been talking about what foods are great for your skin and body. Today we are going to turn the tables and talk about what you should not eat. The three things on this list make our body feel bad and our skin sad, so let’s kick them […]

A Little Cry once in a while is Good for You!

I’m talking about the “good kind of cry”, when you hear a fresh crunch against your knife, and your eyes get that first whiff of a freshly cut onion!  Now I know onions can be challenging to deal with because not only do they make you tear, they can also linger on your breath after […]