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The Evolution of Ugli

As we know there are many hybrid fruit combinations but today we are talking about the Ugli one. Ugli (pronounced ug-ly) is an accidental combination of the grapefruit and a mandarin orange. This single fruit packs the power of both of its predecessors and although its evolution may have been unexpected – it is certainly […]

Healthy Heart Food

As many of us know the best key to living a long life has to do with the health of our heart!  Heart disease causes the most deaths in the United States and it is something that all of us should keep in mind. Adding just a few heart healthy foods to our daily meal […]

Queen Quinoa

Pronounced KEEN-wah this grain has a past, present, and future. The Incas were one of the first to truly understand why quinoa is queen of the grains calling it the, “mother of all grains”, while today with its rise in popularity, it has returned with the yearning for good nutrition.  For the future, NASA has […]