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Bling Tints and Berry Shades

The flicker of light shimmering off sequins will always be a classic for the holidays! Whether you have a sequin shirt, dress, skirt or leggings -pick one and make it your statement piece for the event. Don’t feel that you have to choose black to pair with the bling of sequin as any solid and/or […]

Creating a Holiday Makeup Look with Ombre Lips!

It’s the holiday season and that means lots of parties, dressing up and experimenting with your holiday makeup. This year, I want to try the newest trend in makeup which is “ombre” lips. That means using two to three colors to create a 3D effect. This look was seen on Kenneth Cole’s runaway like the […]

Fall Makeup Looks for 2015

Autumn is personally my favorite time of year! I enjoy the changing leaves, the cooler weather and the warm cozy sweaters. With a sneak peek into what the Fall of 2015 holds we looked to “The Dream of the ’90s” which is alive in fashion and what the New York Designers are now reviving. The […]