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Halloween Edition: Vampire Makeup with Prévia Cosmetics

As many of my patients who have come to the clinic during the October Season, know I love Halloween! For 5 years I have hosted a VIP Halloween Celebration and Savings Party for our patients and I go all out with my decorations!!    One question that everyone asks is “What are Tim and I dressing […]

It’s Valentine’s Day- so get out your Sexy Make-Up!

So you have a hot date for Valentine’s Day? You want to make an impression and knock his socks off? Here are a few easy tips to maximize your lovely visage! Show Off Your Great Skin While the cold weather is still upon us, heavy make-up on dry skin can make it worse. Try a […]

A Foundation that Heals and Lets Your Skin Breathe!

One of the hardest things about having sensitive skin or skin that suffers with acne, rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema – is finding a foundation that can help in the healing and at the same time have great coverage. Many of the store brand foundation makeups contain irritating chemical ingredients that can make your condition worse. […]