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Dry, Cracked, Chapped Hands? Are your Hands Ageing You?

When the weather becomes colder, dryer and all around a wintery mix our skin suffers from water loss, resulting in dry cracked skin which can lead to painful inflammation.  In the winter, our hands are really at risk from exposure to a lot of environmental stressors, but fret not…. Because hands down (pun intended) we […]

Is Your Antiaging Cream Becoming Too Oily for the Texas Summer heat?

Keeping up with your anti-aging regimen is important to do year round. But did you know that you may have to switch the type of products you use according to the season? For example, you may have to stop retinoids in the winter if you have dry skin and in this case, you may need […]

All Eyes will be On YOU when you use our NEW INTENSIVE EYE REPAIR!

The eyes tell your story and you have probably acquired a library of eye creams and serums to combat the telltale signs of under eye aging! Several years ago Dr. Wright was told the story that at a meeting with several hundred skin care professionals for a focus group on new product development, they asked […]