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Is Your Antiaging Cream Becoming Too Oily for the Texas Summer heat?

Keeping up with your anti-aging regimen is important to do year round. But did you know that you may have to switch the type of products you use according to the season? For example, you may have to stop retinoids in the winter if you have dry skin and in this case, you may need […]

Dr. Tim’s Skin Tip!

              Today is Dr. Tim’s birthday and as usual, I always like to highlight this special day with a Big Birthday shout-out from all the staff at Skin MD and Beyond.  Although he is over 50 – he certainly does not look it! So, I asked him to tell […]

Sun of a Beach! What Kind of Sunscreen is BEST for the Sand and Sun?

The dog days of summer means an escape to the water as we try to cool ourselves from the Texas sun! But Summer is also the time of radiant tanned skin from hours of playing in the water or just doing a run in the sun. The last thing you may be thinking of while […]