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Sunscreen + Organic Ingredients = Happy Skin!!

My quest to design an organic sunscreen began when my patient came to me and wanted sun protection with quality organic ingredients and that was safe enough to use even on her children. The overall benefits of organic sunscreen are that they do not have the chemicals contained in conventional sunscreen. Most sunscreens sold today […]

Stay In and Beautify with an At-Home Spa Treatment

I make it a point to have some “me” time at least once a month where I draw a bubble bath, sip on wine and relax with a rejuvenating facial mask while reading the latest dermatological article. You may ask “who has time for that?” but you should at least take some time during the […]

A is for Avocado and Glowing Skin

If I could sing love songs to the avocado I would. I LOVE avocados! Not only is this superfood healthy, delicious and goes with everything but it works wonders for your skin too! If you are like me, you pretty much put avocado as a side for any breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. Here is […]