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The Regenerative Properties of RetrinAL-NEW FORMULA!

After the age of 30, it is recommended that you use some form of vitamin A in your anti-aging skin care regimen. Vitamin A works on wrinkles and photo-damaged skin by exfoliating the cells and encouraging new ones to form. While some skin types find that they do not tolerate this ingredient well, there is […]

Can’t do Waxing? Try Threading!

Hair today gone tomorrow!? For many people with sensitive skin, hair removal can be quite a challenge, and some of us have to go through a lot of effort to remove their unwanted hair. As some of the older  options like waxing, sugaring and shaving can aggravate skin, Threading has become more popular for those […]

To Mineral Makeup or Not to Mineral Makeup? That is the question.

Mineral makeup has been a top choice for many women who desire an even coverage as well as the claim of being “more natural”. While mineral makeup was introduced to the market in the mid 70’s, there are many advantages and disadvantages on using mineral powder-based makeup. Read on to find out if mineral makeup […]