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Let Your Skin Heal with this Revolutionary Oxygen Make-Up!

            Most women can attest that the wrong foundation can add problems to their skin. Looking for the right foundation can be quite a task whether your skin is dry, oily or just plain sensitive. On top of that, it may be tough to look for one that allows your […]

Sun of a Beach! What Kind of Sunscreen is BEST for the Sand and Sun?

The dog days of summer means an escape to the water as we try to cool ourselves from the Texas sun! But Summer is also the time of radiant tanned skin from hours of playing in the water or just doing a run in the sun. The last thing you may be thinking of while […]

Refresh You Complexion with our New ENZYME MASK!

We are excited to announce a new product in the Fiona Wright MD Skin Care line! This unique masque incorporates Pumpkin seed extract and a special active Papaya derived enzyme in a crème base masque to texturize and smooth the surface of the skin. Our patients with sensitive skin, as well as issues such as broken […]