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Sunscreen + Organic Ingredients = Happy Skin!!

My quest to design an organic sunscreen began when my patient came to me and wanted sun protection with quality organic ingredients and that was safe enough to use even on her children. The overall benefits of organic sunscreen are that they do not have the chemicals contained in conventional sunscreen. Most sunscreens sold today […]

Sun of a Beach! What Kind of Sunscreen is BEST for the Sand and Sun?

The dog days of summer means an escape to the water as we try to cool ourselves from the Texas sun! But Summer is also the time of radiant tanned skin from hours of playing in the water or just doing a run in the sun. The last thing you may be thinking of while […]

Get Bronzed Look without the Harmful Sun!

By now, we all should know that harmful UV rays causes damage to our skin, causing premature aging and even worse, skin cancer. When achieving the bronzed goddess look, sunless tanning products are some of the safest options around. Even celebrities are known to slather on the sunless tanning lotions to get that glow so […]