Dr's Corner


In the most recent years, I have noticed that the up-and-coming millennial generation is approaching skincare and beauty differently than seen in the past. Instead of coming to see me to correct a skin-aging problem, they are taking action earlier before issues arise. The name of their game is Prevention and their treatment of choice is Botox!

Botox is most commonly used to treat active lines in the face, by decreasing the strength of muscles where they form unwanted lines. In the past, this has been done for people already showing signs of aging in their 40’s and onward. But today, there is a much younger clientele, with patients starting treatments in their 20’s.

While many doctors have different thoughts on the overall idea, I believe that it depends on the individual needs of each of my patients. Caucasians who have not protected themselves against the sun throughout their lives, will need a “Sprinkle of Botox Prevention” earlier, somewhere between the age of 20 and 35.  For those who have taken care to avoid the sun’s damage, or if they have naturally darker skin tones, will need to start their prevention treatments closer to 30-40 years of age. But, if a patient is an extreme squinter or smoker, the age range shifts closer to 20. The final person to join #TeamPrevention, is the often joked about “resting bitchy face”! If a person naturally looks like they are frowning all the time, they will most likely need Botox earlier in life too.

Although Botox is a great tool for beauty, I finish with a word of caution to “Team Prevention”. It is important to remember that aging is natural, and I have concerns that when people start with cosmetic injectables too early, it may lead to extreme cosmetic surgery sooner and more often. Aging is inevitable, and “#AgingBeautifully” is the next art form that millennials should master as time goes on.