Dr's Corner

The Bare Bone Truth about Calcium

Did you know that you have more Calcium in your body than any other mineral? 99% of it is held in the bones and teeth while the rest helps your body’s muscles and blood vessels to pump correctly. The main signs of Calcium Deficiency include tingling, numbness, muscle tremors, and difficulty losing weight.

What is the best way to improve your Calcium intake? SLEEP! Interestingly enough, there have been close correlations found between sleep and the body’s calcium levels. Lack of sleep has shown to decrease the amount of new bone growth and often times if you are able to improve your sleeping schedule your calcium levels can be improved dramatically.

Milk Alert! If you need to increase your calcium intake do NOT increase Milk in your diet. If you do drink milk we suggest you reduce the amount of milk along with other dairy products. Too much Milk and Dairy have been constantly shown in studies to reduce the amount of calcium in your body. The exception to this is Yogurt. Yogurt is a great choice that can increase your calcium levels considerably. Other food options are almonds/almond milk, kale, and sesame seeds as natural sources.