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The Best Make-Up Remover is a Cleanser!

Removing makeup is an essential part of proper skincare, and most women often use make-up wipes or oils to remove their makeup before cleansing. But, you do not need an extra product just to remove your makeup!

Make-up wipes only touch the surface of the skin and have chemicals that can be irritating if they get too close to the eyes. Oil-based makeup removers have the problem of causing blemishes in the very skin you’re trying to keep blemish free! The Answer? Make life simpler and combine your make-up removal step with a proper cleansing!  Fiona Wright M.D. Skincare MILD GEL CLEANSER  can remove makeup and deep clean your pores all in one step!

This Mild Gel Cleanser is 100% Organic and will not irritate your skin or eyes!  It can be used by anyone with sensitive skin, is safe for children and can even remove waterproof mascara! The best way to remove mascara without losing lashes is by lathering a bit of Mild Gel Cleanser on your fingertips, and closing your eyes, work from the upper eyelid down over your lashes. Repeat by always starting from the eyelid down in the same direction as your lashes. You can find our Mild Gel Cleanser in our clinic and online at