Dr's Corner

The Colors of Easter Traditions!

Easter in my household always meant a tradition of coloring eggs, hiding them for the children and having confetti eggshells cracked on everyone’s heads! It is interesting to learn about different traditions throughout the world and appreciate how colorful they can be. We found three fun traditions that happen on Easter.

beach kites

If you happen to be laying on the beach in Bermuda on a Easter weekend, you will notice lots of color in the sky. While Bermudians go to church and eat an interesting codfish cake, the most interesting part of their Easter tradition is the kites flying! Originally kites were not flown till after 3 pm, but now people can’t wait to fly their kites in all colors and shapes. The kites for this occasion are hand-made with tissue paper, wood and string varying in size and styles.

Sweeden halloween.jpg

Think the Halloween season is over? Not for the children in Sweden! Children in the countryside of Sweden will paint their faces, dress up in colorful discarded clothes and wrap their heads in scarfs to dress as Easter witches. This holiday for them is not faith driven but secular. The children will also paint and draw pictures to give to all their neighbors in hopes to get candy in return!

Corfu Greek

Corfu is a Greek island that has a rather interesting celebration that starts at 11 am on Easter Sunday.  They take giant clay pots and hurl them out the windows from their balconies! In theory it sounds a bit dangerous but the government makes it a point to put up barricades and create safe areas for onlookers at ground level. They even help clean up the mess at the end of the day! The tradition comes from the Venetians, who on New Year’s Day, throw old things out the window in order to make room for the new.