The Evolution of Ugli

As we know there are many hybrid fruit combinations but today we are talking about the Ugli one.

Ugli (pronounced ug-ly) is an accidental combination of the grapefruit and a mandarin orange. This single fruit packs the power of both of its predecessors and although its evolution may have been unexpected – it is certainly welcomed!

The appearance of this citrus fruit is bumpy and pear-shape. Being closer to the size of a grape it will be a green color, then as it grows and ripens it yellow. Found and sold exclusively in Jamaica this rare fruit can help us improve our health inside and out! Providing 70% of our recommended daily Vitamin C, it strengthens your bones, teeth and gums. Loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and proteins it helps with the prevention of high blood pressure, kidney stones, and cancer!  And if that is not enough – Eating this ugly fruit will make your skin beautiful too, as it helps remove blemishes, reduces any inflammation and naturally evens out your complexion.

Enjoy your Ugli and enjoy being Beautiful!