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The Fabulous Eye Survival Tricks

The Little Mermaid was famous for using a fork to comb her hair, but for today’s ladies beauty trick, we have mastered the art of the spoon! This less sharp kitchen tool is a fan favorite to help create the beauty and mystery of the eyes – and I will go thru them today!

EYELINER can be difficult to apply to get the right shape or when doing even the most basic of winged eyeliner looks, and most of the times it is frustrating when trying to get both eyes to match up perfectly! Here are some techniques to make your eyeliner look fabulous in half the time it would normally take. Welcome to the Spoon!

Using the handle of the spoon, pressed it against the outer corner of your eye, letting it serve as the buffer for the bottom of the wing eyeliner you will be creating. This will ensure your line won’t be crooked and you won’t have to worry how steady your hand is!  If you are unsure about the curve you want to make from the outer tip of the eyeliner to the top of your eyelid– use the curved edge of the spoon to help you find the right shape and press it lightly against the eye while applying the eyeliner.

CURL YOUR LASHES using the edge of the curved spoon. Line it up with the base of where your eyelashes start and press your lashes against the spoon with your thumb to give a slight curl to your lashes in a pinch.

Another great trick the spoon can do is help with bags under your eyes, keeping two spoons in the refrigerator for a minimum of 10 min then lightly press against your lower eyelids, this proses will last maybe an hour or two.

If you are looking for a more lasting and progressive way to treat bags under your eyes look into Dr. Wright’s Intensive Eye Treatment, it’s a great cream that is for anyone and the added Arnica will help your eyes stay young minimizing bagging!