Dr's Corner

The Greater Bean

In Chinese culture, the soybean is called both “the greater bean” and “meat without bones”.

You may know that soybeans are high in protein, but did you now that they are also high in fiber and phytoestrogens?! Why are phytoestrogens important? –  In menopause, our estrogen levels will drop and when they do, we lose 30% of our collagen and this will create more wrinkles! Lots of foods contain plant ¬estrogens (phytoestrogens) that can help replace the effects of our lost estrogen. Try hummus, nuts, pinto beans, and especially the soy bean!

Phytoestrogens have also been found to prevent cancers and have been used in treatments towards osteoporosis and menopause.  An additional bonus is that the soy bean has the natural ability to suppress appetite- making it a healthy and diet friendly food! When you reach for your savory soy, keep in mind that it is important to pick the right type of soy.  Choose organic soy products and do your best to avoid products that have a mixture of soy with other fake foods like soy burgers as they tend to be overly processed and more harmful  then helpful.