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The Right RED for You

Red lips are timeless and classic and it is because it is mimicking a youthful appearance. As we get older our lips become less red and more pink, and the skin around the mouth and eyes also slightly changes pigment, partly because of blood flow changes in aging skin. A simple red lipstick can awaken youth and draw positive attention to a woman’s face, no woman should be afraid of the power of red!

In several studies done throughout the United States women who use red lipstick on a daily basis found themselves to be more confident.  Rocking the right red on your lips will be a great personal statement!  But, remember there is no one perfect color of red that everyone can use – so it is best to play with multiple reds in the hue that best fits your skin tone.

One way to know your skin tone is to look at your jewelry. If you look best in silver jewelry, select a cooler, blue-based or even a plummy red.   A favorite at our Beauty Bar is our Prévia Lipstick SERIOUSLY. For a deep red, our Prévia lipstick RUSSIAN is a fast seller!

If Gold jewelry suits your skin better than you have more warm (yellow) tones and would look great with the orange hue in our LIP LOVE color.

Last tip for wearing RED lipstick!  When you want your lips to be a main focal point it is best to not make multiple bright and bold statements with clothing – as it will be fighting for importance and can be considered too much.