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Warning! Makeup Testers and Infections!

Makeup is a great way to express yourself. The endless supply of colors, shades, and brands is exciting! But, take caution when trying makeup samples in stores. Open testers can harbor all kinds of nasty bacteria.

Recently a woman contracted oral herpes from a lipstick tester at Sephora. Once contracted, herpes is part of your life forever! The woman is now suing Sephora for emotional distress. Another example of the damage that can be done, is the heartbreaking story of Jo Gilchrist. Jo borrowed a makeup brush from a friend, causing her to become paralyzed! Her friend’s brush was a carrier of a bacteria which was transferred into an open pimple on Joe’s face. By the time she was admitted to the hospital, the infection had destroyed her spine and her ability to walk.

To help you enjoy the fun of trying make-up, here are some effective ways to help you avoid infection and contamination. Share this with anyone who loves makeup.

  • Only use new disposable applicators to apply products.
  • Avoid all testers which are related to mascara, lipstick or lip-gloss. Your eyes and mouth have direct openings which can allow the most damage.
  • If you want to try on a lip color, place it onto the palm of your hand because that skin color is the closest to your lip pigment.
  • Remember that all stores should give you access to sanitized applicators, alcohol sprays or towelettes. You should use these tools to clean off a top layer of powder-based makeup, such as eye shadows or bronzers.
  • Although these precautions should be practiced by all stores, it is important that you do your best to follow these simple steps to keep yourself safe!