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What’s in for Fashion This Fall 2015

Fall fashion, is when the sweaters and long sleeves come out of the closet. Personally, it’s my favorite season to dress since weather can be versatile. Some days you can wear a cute flowy dress with flats while another day you need to layer on the clothes and bust out the boots. Let’s look at what we’ll see in celebrity closets this fall season and what we need to go buy pronto!

Red plaid– Red plaid reminds me of my childhood in the 80s. I remember a red plaid dress with the poof sleeves and a lace neck. Well, it’s back and I’m loving it! From youthful dresses for teens to tartan prints on shirts and coats for women, you’ll see this print popping up in stores.


Thin Scarves– These scarves were all over the runways for fall/winter which is more of an accessory than it being functional. I love how you can dress up your look with one of these!


High Waists– This look has been around for a few seasons and it looks like it will be staying longer! This look is flattering as it makes your waist appear smaller and legs appear longer!


Pattered Tights– Fun tights aren’t just for little girls anymore. Dress up any outfit with fun yet sophisticated patterned tights. It’s an easy way to change up your look!