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Wolfsbane isn’t just for Harry Potter!

Wolfsbane is an ingredient known to have powerful abilities both in fiction and in the real world. Wolfsbane has been used since the 1500s. Surprisingly, the name was given to two different types of plants; the very toxic Aconitum and the focus of today’s blog, the beloved Arnica Montana.

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If you have ever been to Skin MD and Beyond and had injectable facial contouring, our doctors have talked to you about this amazing supplement.  Arnica helps with bruising, pain relief, minor arthritis pain, joint/muscle soreness, and swelling. This yellow flower is a key supplement beloved by both doctors and some well-known sports authorities. Pierre Barrieu, who was the coach for the United States Men’s National Soccer Team, would treat his players with Arnica pellets as far back as 2002.


Arnica comes in two forms, pills, and a cream. If you know you might get a bruise within a certain time frame, it is good to start taking the arnica pills 5-7 days before.  The cream is more commonly used to treat bruises and muscle pain after they appear. Arnica is available in many places including, Skin M.D. and Beyond, and at our online shopping site, Rx Beauty Bar.com.  Click Here and prevent bruising today!