Vitamin C

Thought of by many people as the “One Vitamin that Fixes All” but what does Vitamin C really help with? Some scientific studies have shown that Vitamin C improves “health” which includes; boosting your immunity, healing burns and wounds, maintaining healthy gums, and it can prevent damage to arteries to lower risk of strokes and […]

Vitamin B

Known as the B-Complex vitamins, there are a total of 8 B’s to keep you healthy, but don’t be overwhelmed! Keeping them in our diets is easy!  You often hear a doctor say, “keep a well-balanced diet”-Vitamin B is one of the main reasons.  This is not something found naturally in our bodies and we […]

Vitamin A

As we know, Vitamin A is vital to our vision, skin, and immune functions. Vitamin A’s main goal is to keep our bodies in check, by regulating the growth of all our cells. There are two basic types of Vitamin A, Retinoids (found in meats) and Carotenoids (generally found in fruits and vegetables). Do you […]