Labor Day Shout-Outs

While we are all excited to have time off on Labor Day, it’s important to be thankful and take a moment to recognize some of the labor-intensive professions that are very important to our quality of life. Here are my shout-outs to three I immediately think of…

The Mechanic

The Mechanic

To all those who work in the Automotive Industry, saving us from our flat tire freak-outs, who fine-tune our motorized machines and keep us mobile and safe in this concrete jungle. Thank you!

Construction Workers

Construction Workers

Speaking of concrete jungle! To all the Construction Workers who pave the streets to make our transportation smooth and comfortable, using their bare hands and mechanical skills to build the Dallas metroplex. Thank you!



Last but certainly not least, our Farmers, whose work starts before the sun comes up!  With careful planning and care to both animals and plants, we all can enjoy the high quality of the food we eat; and we should never take for granted that they are the backbone of America’s livelihood. Thank you!

Can you think of some of the other labor-intensive jobs that deserve a shout out today? Leave a comment with your own shout-out!

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