Dr's Corner

A-Peeling Weather

If you are interested in Face Peels, it is best to have one during the colder months, as the one thing you must avoid at all cost when doing a peel is the sun. We are more often indoors during the colder months and this makes the ability to follow the strict “no sun” policy easier.

Chemical Peels are one of the most effective treatments that you can have to improve your skin for texture, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Our skin naturally exfoliates to remove the top layers of dead skin. A chemical peel works by simply exfoliating the top layers of skin too, but at a faster than normal rate. There are different strengths of chemical peels that target different problems. I recommend you see a professional to help you find the best chemical peel for you. To see some examples of my patients before and after chemical peels click here. I also caution anyone who wants to do at-home chemical peels… the acids used are quite strong and may become too intense and can leave you with painful burns.