Dr's Corner

Different Shades of Brown

When you realize you have brown spots and you want to do something about them the first step is to identify exactly the type of brown spot you have!

Cute Little Female Child With Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes And Freckle


Freckles are part of your DNA and if you have freckles you will develop them as a child and will continue to get them till around the end of puberty. Freckles are not harmful to your skin and are flat, small and round. Even with treatment, freckles will comeback. But with a sunscreen, you can keep them at least 50% lighter than they were originally.


Age Spots

Age, Liver and Sun Spots are all the same diagnosis. This type of Spot can sometimes try to present itself as a new freckle. But, any Sun Spots you get as an adult are damage to the skin. Unlike freckles they will not be as evenly rounded and can vary between small and larger sizes. Sun Spots are damage done to your skin by sun exposure and can take years to appear on your skin. A real concern with Sun Spots is the danger of them developing into skin cancer. So, if you have any new spots that you find as an adult, it is important to get them checked by your dermatologist.



Melasma is the final type of brown spot category. Melasma is a bit different than the other two categories, as melasma will cover a larger area and will have irregular edges. Found more often in women, the appearance can be more apparent because of our higher levels of the estrogen hormone. Melasma is often called the Pregnant or Butterfly Mask. Generally, people feel more uncomfortable with melasma than they do with freckles or sun spots.

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