Dr's Corner

Don’t forget your Bloomin’ Tea!!

Blooming Teas, also known as flower teas are still fairly new to the United States. If you are not sure what a blooming tea is it can be described as a combination of organic tea elements in their most natural forms. The flowers and leaves are dried out and compacted into a ball, then when left to steep in hot water, the small balls bloom before your eyes into decorative underwater bouquets. Blooming Teas are not only interesting to look at but are most commonly created with healthy antioxidant ingredients.

The most common blends include use the flowers Jasmin and Lilly. Jasmin flowers have properties to improve digestion and our immune system, while the Lilly can decrease stress and is said to be a great solution to improve insomnia issues. These two flowers along with others are most regularly accompanied by green tea leaves.

You do not need to be a tea connoisseur to know that Green Tea is great for your health! Numerous studies have shown Green Tea polyphenols to have protective effects against cardiovascular damage, some cancers, and infections. The list of benefits gained from drinking green tea is very long ranging from helping individuals gain daily energy, helping the fat burning proses, and decrease aging signs like wrinkles in our skin.

Putting a little spin on tea once in a while can be a great conversation piece while still getting the great benefits for your health!