Father’s Day Forecast

Father’s Day is a special day which we celebrate honoring our Fathers with gifts and family gatherings.  Our nation first celebrated Father’s Day in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910.  Decades later, President Lyndon Johnson designated Father’s Day to become a nationwide holiday on every third Sunday in June. President Richard Nixon signed the public law making it a permanent holiday.

Looking at data gathered from past years of gifts purchased for Father’s Day, the top 3 categories bring in a minimum of 1 billion dollars throughout the United States!

Man playing on electronic drums. Back view.

Both gift cards and electronics tie for THIRD PLACE, with approximately $1 billion dollars spent.

The most popular gadgets being bought for dad are: drones, smart watches, and Virtual Reality Goggles.

Father And Son Drawing

SECOND PLACE, with a $ 1.3 billion average, is clothing. The infamous necktie is the number one apparel bought in 2018 for Father’s Day.

Family Feeding Giraffe In Zoo

The FIRST PLACE spending category for dad, with $1.9 billion dollars, is spent on special outings such as sporting events, restaurants and catching a movie!

No matter what you plan to do to celebrate Father’s Day this year, enjoy your time with your dad whether it be a phone call or spending the whole day together.