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Skin Survival Guide against Harsh Winters

Look Back Tuesday! Updated from original post Posted 12-22-2011

The weather index may not be at its lowest yet but Winter Skin Survival should begin now! Chilly temperatures, biting winds and dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on your skin and it can be a challenge to keep your skin happy during colder climates. Just like you switch your wardrobe according to the seasons, so should you do the same with your skin care! Read on to find out about our latest most advanced survival guide to keep a radiant complexion when times get chilly.

  • Moisturize– Cold winter air is far less humid than warm air, which means skin will be drier in the winter months. Using a nutrient-rich moisturizing cream like my organic AGE DEFYING MOISTURIZER, is the most important remedy for winter-beaten skin. To have smoother, softer, younger looking skin, and reduce the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles, make sure to apply a moisturizer at least 2 times a day.


  • Avoid hot showers– Avoid hot showers because hot water breaks down the important lipid barriers that preserve skin’s moisture. It is hard to forget that tip when a hot shower feels nice thawing out your cold extremities but try to remember that warm, not hot, showers are the best!


  • Exfoliate– While in the shower; exfoliate regularly to allow more absorption of your moisturizer. My organic ANTIOXIDANT EXFOLIATING CLEANSER not only sloughs dead skin but it is gentle enough to use in the winter. Exfoliation not only gets rid of dry, rough patches of skin, but it also promotes new cell growth.


  • Always wear sunscreen– Although most winter days seem gloomy and cloudy, and the sun is less predominate – but UV rays still pierce through dark clouds! Use sunscreen daily to slow down the aging process as well as sun damage to the skin. My favorite to wear alone or under makeup is my 100% organic SUN SHILED SPF 30 which is also very moisturizing.
  • And seek expert advice- If all else fails and your skin is still feeling the Winter Blahs, come see us at Skin MD and Beyond. We can help you to choose the best skin care regime to fight off Jack Frost and Father Time.