Vitamin A

Woman With Nutcracker

As we know, Vitamin A is vital to our vision, skin, and immune functions. Vitamin A’s main goal is to keep our bodies in check, by regulating the growth of all our cells. There are two basic types of Vitamin A, Retinoids (found in meats) and Carotenoids (generally found in fruits and vegetables).

Do you have a Deficiency? Often if your body lacks Vitamin A, early signs include night blindness, brittle hair and nails, scaly skin, and most devastating low immunity against diseases. Symptoms will only become worse if not corrected.

Retinoids are “pre-formed” and are able to be directly applied to the skin. One of the best topical regiments for keeping your skin looking young is Dr. Wright’s Flawless Pads containing the purest blend of Retinol, along with other potent anti-aging ingredients including Green Tea to Enhance, Calm, and Protect the Beauty of your Skin.

Carotenoids must be ingested to be converted into Vitamin A. The best ways to take advantage of Carotenoids is by maintaining a good diet with fruits, and vegetables. You will find this more successful than if you were taking basic supplements. Some good sources of vitamin A include carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and leafy greens.