A Wedding Celebration…Fit for a Duke & Duchess!

While we get ready to watch the Royal Wedding this Saturday, here are a few more reasons to love the Bride and Groom, and a few things to look out for that are supposed to happen.

The Bride


Megan is a Cali girl, who was born in Los Angeles, lived in Toronto for most of her acting career, and is incredibly well traveled.

She goes by her middle name; her first name is Rachel, who is also her character’s name on the hit television show Suits.

She once worked for the US Embassy and will be the first American to marry into the Windsor Royal Family.

Megan is a beautiful biracial woman who is worth between 4 and 5 million on her own.

The Groom


Diana called him “My little Spencer” due to his red hair that came from her side of the family.

Prince Harry was in the Military for ten years and was known as “Captain Wales” and continues to support his fellow servicemen.

He was the rebel prince for a few years going as far as to play a game of strip billiards in Las Vegas. The following morning the whole world knew he lost the game!

Prince Harry is currently 6th in line for the Crown and had to ask the Queen permission to marry.

The Wedding

His proposal was not extravagant, but in a loving environment when they were “trying” to cook chicken one night.

Traditionally fruitcake is served at the wedding, but both the bride and groom have decided on having a banana cake.

The dress is rumored to be simple and classic.

The guest list is said to include our last president, Mr. Obama, but not our current President, Mr. Trump.