Skin Saavy

Reducing Teen Trauma

Acne plagues the majority of the population. For teenagers, it can be downright ridiculous!  The biggest acne battle is getting into a consistent routine. If you can manage the right habits, then your acne will improve.  Luckily, routines do not have to be complicated! So here are 3.5 steps to make it as simple as possible for teens.

Girls, if you’re wearing makeup the 0.5 part of this routine is just for you! Before exfoliating, clean your face with a gentle cleanser to remove the makeup. Wash your face twice, once for make-up and once for everything under it. If you wash your face only once, you will have residue along with oil and dirt that will get trapped between your skin cells.

Exfoliate.  If you have an exfoliator that has granules, put a little muscle into it!  Do not press so hard that you will bruise yourself, but enough scrubbing to be effective. Do not scrub closer than the bone area around your eyes. If you are using a chemical exfoliator, a gentle lather is all you need.

Treat. This is the part that teens might already do. Treat the congested area with acne specific products. An excellent full face treatment suitable for all skin types is our Zinc-Aid Toner. If you find just one or two spots that are making your skin irritated, then our Quick Fix Acne Treatment is your best pick. If you find yourself stuck somewhere between needing full face protection or specific areas that need to be treated, the Bee Beautiful Purifying Serum is your best bet!

Hydrate. Acne specific products are great at removing the excess oil and dirt that are clogging your skin, but typically they can leave your skin dry, if they are used alone. If you do not put hydration back in your skin, the acne cycle gets worse. If your skin is too dry, it will overcompensate for the lack of hydration. The solution is to balance your skin with the right amount of hydration, so your skin does not freak out!

If you can keep these constant steps one to two times a day, your acne will improve. If you or your teenager continues to have severe acne, call us today at 972-608-0808 and schedule a skincare consultation and we will help find the best way to have a customized treatment for you.