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Are We Wrecked by Our Tech?

Technology is interwoven into today’s society, because we are constantly looking at our phones, computer screens, and televisions. The buzz online is about new studies showing that the light from our tech devices may not be good for our skin.

We know that the sun is enemy number one when it comes to keeping our skin looking its best. But we may not be aware of the other light rays affecting us, too. UVB and UVA light is a known problem we can protect against with sunscreens. But HEV (High Energy Visible Light) is emitted from most of our devices, including computers, tablets, and the one thing most of us look at a zillion times a day, our phones!


Aging Skin

Although the studies are just starting, some have shown that the HEV light can cause pigmentation and wrinkles to worsen more than UVB or UVA rays have ever done. Lancôme (Paris) is one of the first companies to produce a HEV “screen” which is currently only available in Japan. If you don’t live in Japan, it is good to know that a zinc-based sunscreen will help block the HEV light. So, we recommend our Matte Finish Oil &Chemical Free SPF 30 Sunscreen be worn daily even if you stay indoors. As long as you can reflect all those harmful rays away from your skin, chances of damage decrease dramatically.


The best action to help ourselves is to try to minimize the amount of time we spend on our phones which realistically might not happen. Cell phones particularly have also led to multiple problems not just related to HEV Light.


Text Neck

The “text neck” is one problem that is affecting young people by distorting the spine’s position from constantly looking down. So, the next time you are on your cell phone, hold it up at eye level.

Cell phone Elbow

The “cell phone elbow”, which is similar to carpal tunnel, is another common problem which originates from excessive use leading to pain and numbness. A new variation of wrist problems is now being reported from excessive cell phone use. Sometimes holding a cell phone a certain way can cause the pinky and or ring finger to become numb or “fall asleep”. With all repetitive strain injuries, the trick is to break the cycle, or the repetition. So, give yourself a Tech Break, put down the device and live in the moment!