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The Facial-In-A-Box: You Must-Have!


Today I am doing a review on Dr. Wright’s Facial-in-A-Box! Facial masks are an essential part of skincare. Just a few minutes of the right ingredients soaking into your skin can make all the difference! The Facial Mask set is packaged in a sleek black box which contains a cleanser, 2-3 masks and in some cases an additional exfoliator. I have dry skin, so I chose the Organic Normal/Dry Facial-in-A-Box. This set also comes with a lovely headband, similar to what you find in spas! Instructions are included if you want to use all the products at once.  Or, if you choose to use one at a time, that is fine, too!


I have dry skin, so I chose to use the Organic Normal/Dry Facial-in-A-Box. I used the whole set of masks, following the directions. After putting on my spa headband to get all my hair out of the way, I used the Mild Gel Cleanser; this cleanser is in most of the facial box sets because it works great for all skin types! The Mild Gel Cleanser can clean thoroughly while still being very gentile to prep the skin for the masks.



Next, I applied the Arctic Mineral Mask.  Since I do have a few small breakouts near my jawline, this is the mask which gave me just the right amount of pimple-reducing power, thanks to the marine minerals! I love how the mask dried and tightened on my face! But it was not so tight that it became painful to remove. It rinsed off easily with warm water.

b5 on fingers

The B5 Boosting Mask is next, and it has a nice creamy feel to it. The B5 Mask is my absolute favorite! This mask helps reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet that start to appear in the mid to late 20’s. I am 28 and so far using this mask keeps my eyes wrinkle free! I waited 20 minutes for it to seep into my skin and then wiped it off with a warm towel.


The Aloe Azulene Mask is the last mask, and at first, I was putting too much of it on. The transparent gel ended up dripping down my neck. I realized you do not need much, only enough to lightly coat and massage into the skin.  This mask was light and refreshing and a perfect end to the experience of using the masks!

I found the 3 masks in the set to be soothing and made my face feel amazing! I especially like that the products are created by a Medical Doctor to address my skin’s specific needs. You will still see improvements if you only do it once a month; however, I will probably do this once a week to see quicker results!