Dr's Corner

The Language of Flowers

So, there are many ways to approach Valentine’s Day. One that we see most often is with flowers. So, before you go out there and spend double the price on those signature red roses, here are some other lovely options to consider.


Tulips are a declaration of love and can symbolize a perfect love like you see in the happy-ever-after movies. The color yellow means unrequited love and bright red is the color of passion.


Peonies are a mixture of shyness and compassion, and can symbolize happiness on many levels; happy life, happy marriage and happy for having good health. Peonies are a great choice for family and friends.

orchid isolated on white background

Orchid is the exotic beauty and mature charm that symbolizes femininity. White orchids represent humility and purity, while purple orchids symbolize admiration and respect.


Daffodils are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring and are known as a time of rebirth or new beginnings. It is also the official flower for the 10th Wedding Anniversary. This flower has been known to bring joy, cheerfulness, and happiness throughout the world.