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The 3 S’s to Beautiful Skin

Sun Care-We know that the sun creates our Vitamin D,  a vital vitamin we need, but you should always stay protected because the sun ages us more than anything else! As we age, it becomes harder and harder to repair our sun damage. In our youth, we do not think about brown spots because they take time to develop and will not show until later in our lives and with continuing exposure, the sun weakens your skin’s ability to regenerate and repair itself. To find out more on how you can protect yourself from the sun click here for our past blog on sun care.

A good night Sleep

A good night Sleep– Sleeping on your back has been found to be the best for our bodies. If you sleep on your face, it can lead to more blemishes and bacteria because your face is suffocating while being pressed into your pillow. Sleeping on your back also reduces the possibility for women to develop lines in the décolletage. And if your sheets are dirty, that dirt can be lodged into your skin for the entire evening!

Stay away from Smoking

Stay away from Smoking – Cigarettes release carbon monoxide into the air around you, which attacks the oxygen in your skin, and starves your skin for an hour and a half! At the same time, nicotine reduces blood flow, making your skin dry and discolored.  Also, it lowers the Vitamin C in your skin which is a protectant against damage, and strips your skin of its natural defenses which can lead to discoloration, dryness, and bags under your eyes! When smoking, pursing your lips while inhaling is common, and a majority of the population also furrow their brows at the same time. This creates more wrinkle areas around your mouth and forehead. So stop smoking today!